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Monthly Listeners : +2,200,000 (March 2022)
Total Stream Count: +101,000,000
Charted #1 on Beatport for 3 weeks - 'Giving You Up'
Charted #8 in US Viral 50 - 'High'
Charted #5 Global Viral 50 - Dance Money
Itunes UK Dance Chart #2 - 'Drown You Out' , #26 'Giving You Up'
Itunes UK Main Chart #8 - 'Drown You Out' charted
#1 Loopmasters (Debut sample pack)

BBC Radio 1
Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance
Above & Beyond Group Therapy
BBC Asian Network

New Music Friday (many times over and in 15+ countries), Trance Mission, Main Stage, Hot Acoustics, Hardstyle, Dance Brandneu, Electro Mix, Night Rider, Trance Classic, Dance Covers, Dance Rising, Friday Cratediggers, Sov Godt, Indie Radar, Happy Pop, ASOT (Armin Van Buren), Trap Nation, Nightblue, Vocal Trance Hits (Armada) AGBT (Above & Beyond), TrapCity, Vocal Trance Hits (Armada), 8D Gaming Playlist, Amsterdam Dance Event 2019
London based, feature vocalist and songwriter, Sarah de Warren is a recognizable voice and name in the dance world, writing for and featuring on records for A-list DJs, as well as attaining more than two million monthly Spotify listeners of her own. Sarah has landed cuts with a list of who’s who in the dance world, including (but not limited to): Kaskade, Mike Perry, Martin Jensen, Gareth Emery, Nicky Romero, Lum!x, Lizot, The Him, Excision, & Tritonal.

Sarah’s single ‘Giving You Up’ with Ben Nicky entered the UK iTunes Dance Chart and sat at #1 on the Beatport charts for 3 weeks. In addition, her songs have entered the Viral Charts (Global #5, US #8, UK #2), been aired on BBC Radio 1 and received regular DJ support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, who picked out  four of her songs for his 2021 year mix. Her song ‘Back To Life’ was listed as one of the most played trance songs of 2020, according to 1001 tracks. She has released music on the imprint labels of Gorgon City (Realm), Nicky Romero (Protocol) and Gareth Emery (We’ll Be OK) to name a few, as well as working closely with dance labels such as Armada, Loudkult, Blackhole, and Spinnin’, among others. Receiving regular New Music Friday support (14+ countries) and spots on Spotify’s editorials, it’s no surprise that Sarah has seen tens of millions of streams across her features, writing credits, and her own releases.

The start of 2021 saw Sarah release her first sample pack, which had been a project she’d immersed herself in during the UK lockdown. The vocal pack shot to number 1 on Loopmasters, and has received incredible feedback...expect to hear her samples cropping up in many tracks in the upcoming months.

Sarah performs as a guest vocalist alongside artists and DJs at festivals and shows all over the world, including Summerfest, Troubadour LA, Summer Sounds Liepaja, Legendary Festival Croatia and Bristol Thekla. She most recently performed two songs with Gareth Emery at Ultra Music Festival 2022. She has embarked on her own tour with Sofar Sounds, playing intimate venues in 15 cities all over Europe.

In addition to her success in dance music, her song ‘Play It Cool' landed multiple sync placements MTV’s Teen Mom, and she was the writer and vocalist for a Huawei Ad Campaign. Her collaboration on ‘Babylonia’ with Dutch DJs The Him and Robby East also recently appeared in a TV show in Holland.

With an impressive list of cuts behind her, showing off her versatility as a writer and vocalist, she has quickly become a sought after voice and collaborator within EDM.


  • Kaskade
  • Nicky Romero
  • Martin Jensen
  • Mike Perry
  • Gareth Emery
  • Tritonal
  • Adventure Club
  • Excision
  • Harris & Ford
  • Bingo Players
  • LUM!X
  • The Him
  • Ben Nicky
  • Trivecta

Live & Festivals

  • EDC 2022
  • Ultra Music Festival 2022
  • UK, Europe, Sofar Sounds (15 Cities)
  • Ministry Of Sound, London
  • Troubadour, Los Angeles
  • Summer Sounds Liepaja
  • Summerfest 2019
  • Legendary Festival 2020, Croatia
  • Guest Vocals For Gareth Emery, Tritonal, Corti Organ, Rodg, Crystal Knives