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Monthly Listeners: +1,000,000 (DEC 2020)
Total Stream Count: +25,000,000
Monthly Listeners: +1,000,000 (DEC 2020)
Total Stream Count: +25,000,000 (DEC 2020)
Charted #1 on Beatport for 3 weeks - Giving You Up
Charted #8 in US Viral 50 - High
Charted #5 Global Viral 50 - Dance Monkey
iTunes UK Dance Chart #2 - Drown You Out, #26 - Giving You Up
iTunes UK Main Chart #8 - Drown You Out
Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance
Above & Beyond Group Therapy
BBC Asian Network

BBC Radio 1
Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance
Above & Beyond Group Therapy
BBC Asian Network

Playlisting (Editorial/Other)

New Music Friday (15+ countries)
Dance Rising, Hot Acoustics, Friday Cratediggers, Sov Godt, Indie Radar, Electro Mix, Happy Pop, Dance Covers, & more
ASOT (Armin Van Buren), Trap Nation, Nightblue, Vocal Trance Hits (Armada)
AGBT (Above & Beyond), TrapCity, Vocal Trance Hits (Armada), 8D Gaming Playlist, Amsterdam Dance Event 2019
Feature vocalist and songwriter Sarah de Warren is a recognisable voice and name in the dance world, writing for and featuring on records for A-list DJs, as well as attaining more than a million monthly listeners on her own artist project. Sarah has landed cuts with Kaskade, Martin Jensen and Mike Perry, and her release schedule is packed, working alongside huge labels such as Armada and Spinnin'.

Sarah’s single ‘Giving You Up’ with Ben Nicky entered the UK iTunes Dance Chart and sat at #1 on the Beatport charts for 3 weeks. In addition to this, her songs have entered the Viral Charts (Global #5, US #8, UK #2), been aired on BBC Radio 1 shows and received DJ support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, who has picked out two of her songs for his 2020 year mix. Receiving regular New Music Friday support and spots on Spotify’s editorials, it’s no surprise that Sarah has seen millions of streams across her features, writing credits, and her own releases.

Sarah performs as a guest vocalist alongside artists at festivals and shows all over the world, and has also embarked on her own tour with Sofar Sounds, playing intimate venues in 15 cities all over Europe.

With an impressive list of dance cuts behind her, she is fast becoming a sought after voice and collaborator within EDM.


  • Mike Perry
  • Chris Sernel (CeeLo Green)
  • Ilan Bluestone
  • The Him
  • Ben Nicky
  • Simon Patterson
  • Madism
  • Anders Grahn (Black Eyed Peas)
  • Matt Lange (Transformers)
  • Jason Mater (Spiderman)
  • Hex Cougar
  • Yolanda Be Cool
  • Miya Miya (Jonas Blue)
  • Max Billion (Mike Perry)
  • Kaskade

Live & Festivals

  • UK, Europe, Sofar Sounds (15 cities)
  • Summer Sounds Liepaja
  • Summerfest 2019
  • Legendary Festival
  • Chesil Rocks
  • Forever Sun
  • Camden Rocks
  • Leopallooza